T h e   A u d i e n c e

Ongoing research led to the discovery of some new data. It came to attention a few weeks ago that a company (newzoo) retails a complete, in depth, annual report about the gaming industry. As well, it researches 10 countries, give or take the timing and the cost of which is 4,000 Euro per country or 25,000 Euro for all countries. It must be then the industry is taken care of. Such a report, assuming the company is turning a profit, contains more than enough information. Presumably well designed also.

Confirming the direction I was already leaning towards, and taking the industry out of the equation, a publication is in deed the direction. As well, weeding through the data while trying out different forms sorted out the commonality and what could be combined together. The result was data about the specifics of the gaming community and gamer demographics, serving the purpose of the publication I have been working through.

Note: This train of thought has been on the back burner for some time now as I worked through some of the other aspects of design and detailed prior.

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