P u r s u i t   o f   P a p e r

After playing around with the digital concepts no resolve came to be. I realize the best course of action is to not work the data to death in an attempt to create a system that can contain and represent it all. Rather, it must be the best suited course of action towards achieving what I was trying to do from the get go (which turns out to be the initial idea I had before running in circles).

Hence, as I mentioned earlier with the whole “The Medium Is The Message”, a paper piece serves as the best relationship of the form and it’s meaning. In an effort to detract from the data and represent the narrative of the common gamer progression away from modern stereotypes, and therein the extension into modern day living and many other social and scientific aspects this seems to be the best POA. As well, from discussion with fellow gamers many articles and interesting aspects that are not data orientated can be taken into account in the piece. Although these do not connote the gamers themselves, the connotes the aspects of gamer lifestyles that bleed into modern day living.

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