P h o t o s y n t h   &   D e e p   Z o o m

After spending some time working through the digital concept & deep zoom I finally came up with a rudamentary working mockup of the design. Following my sketches the attempt was to lay down a format that would allow for zooming to be the transition utility between a macro perspective and micro for the information graphics.

However, the result did not prove to be workable, and thus worth continuing. The conclusion was that a well constructed information graphic (unless immensely more detailed of which this project was not) would have all details and imagery visible from a single viewpoint or perspective. As such, transitioning to other graphs (i.e. zooming in and out) proved to be but a fluid transition between separate graphs. Although slightly playful and different, it does not serve any purpose of enhancing the data of video gamers towards a perspective for the general public that coincides with the perspective of opposition towards modern gamer stereotypes.

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