I n i t i a l   F o r m   C o n c e p t s

This brief sketch entails the creation of a publication (connoting a relationship to a standard book format) that would most likely include not only information graphics but text content including articles, quotes, opinions from credited industry persons and so on. The overall theme here would be more of a story format, taking the reader through the various areas and aspects about the global gaming community. Note that “story” does not entail the notion of an overall narrative to the piece that will be aimed to compose no matter what direction results.

What would a digital format look like. It would have to be flexible in order to accommodate the requirements of multiple visuals. This may result as a standardized button format website, but research into newer screen real estate technologies such as photosynth / deepzoom that allow for smooth seamless transitioning between a macro and micro viewpoint. This eliminates the need for buttons and thus might be a nice departure from standard web formats, especially in context of this project in providing something engaging for the viewer.

After reading the literature of Tufte the thought of utilizing every inch of real estate, whether paper or digital although in this case leaning towards the digital, is appealing. Playing around with dimensions proportional in connoting data values seem appealing also. As well, this plays on the ink to data relationship that Tufte speaks of. In that sense, simplicity would be the aim in this case to not overwhelm the viewer/reader with a complex or congested information graphic that proves to disconnect the viewer in the end, if by nothing else than sheer laziness to dissect such a piece.


Some sketches about the form of the concepts as stated within the research summary. These are the initial stages of searching for the best form fitting resolve. More exploration will be required in the next phase to better sort out the working from the not, or rather what will best lead to the working.

The concepts above do not directly tie into the 3 concepts as stated within the research summary. Rather this is 3 brief concept directions pertaining to the form pursuit to be taken after the fact of this phase… or from here-on-in.

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