Working digital, the gamer data, of that which could be combined, was translated digitally from the sourced reports. During that process the chosen style of graph was modified (at the least that is/was the attempt) to play with the medium. For instance, what may or could have been a bar graph was extended and proportionally space within the full dimesions of the page connoting the values (i.e. the x-axis could represent the time variable across the page while the y-axis could represent the height of the page). The hope here was to provide the details of the data more visually so the reader would not have to rely on the numbers as much. The numbers and other data could then provide a step to, if not the, next level.

The rest of the piece consists of a couple more graphs to be defined and spreads of articles and brief pull outs of information to add varying contexts for the audience and as well simply present the non-data related information.

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