L i t e r a t u r e   &   A r t i c l e s

Information graphics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Information graphics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Information graphics: a comprehensive illustrated reference – Robert L. Harris – Google Books
Infographics news
Marcin Ignac : Is Data Visualization a way of story telling, exploration, or expression?
Foldit Gamers FTW – YouTube
Applications of Data Visualization
FlowingData | Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics
Data visualization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Design Process – diagrammed | Ari Salomon: Art and Design
That Squiggle of the Design Process « ReVision Lab
Selected Works | blprnt.blg
The above links were sourced towards a more literature based research component. Although non-credible sources themselves (such as Wikipedia) are listed it here, it was the information on that site that was noted but credible sources that are cited within those articles. Consider them a bridge to credited information, or a research gateway that I find sometimes (particularly with more online based resource information) is easier to source that though some academic resources via public library portals or ecuad portals. That noted, such educational portals were also resourced of which are cited above.

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