P r o p o s a l

Phase 1: Project Proposal [01][19][2012]

(Micro) Through focus towards the subject matter of video game industry data, (Macro) how can new forms of Information Graphics be utilized and demonstrated within common practice in order to break away from conventional forms. In doing so, the goal must be to break away from such conventional forms that are inadequate in addressing the complexity of current data collection and therein representation. The end result, although uncertain, may come to be something of system for future use or a demonstration of methods applied by a single designer that connotes the capabilities of the practice. The outcome may be print and/or digital (Interactive Information Graphics).

My goal is to find a way to use information graphics to demonstrate a way or system or example to pull together data sets and allow for new viewpoints towards what is already known. In a sense, I hope to expand on existing graphics (in this case gamer demographics and statistics as a focus).


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